The Essential Decisions for Search Engine Optimizations

The more competition, the more difficult it is to make the right decision. And to find today a company that quickly, competently and efficiently performs the promotion of a web resource in search, it is quite difficult. We have to state that there are many unskilled companies and private specialists in the market of Internet marketing and SEO today.

To avoid this, when choosing an SEO executive, pay attention to:

Portfolio and work experience. The main reflection of the skills of the company or a private expert in promotion is examples of completed projects. The portfolio should ideally be represented by sites of various subjects with the keys listed in top with different levels of frequency and competition in the niche.

The price of promotion

For most customers, cost is the first factor of choice. Search Engine Optimization with payment for the requests drawn up in the top requires a lot of labor and financial investments on the part of the contractor (buying links). It is important to understand this to the customer. So, below a certain level, the price of services cannot be, because an SEO company or a private optimizer has certain financial costs, pawns the amount of profit. For too low prices in commercial offers should not be pursued. First, it can only be bait. Secondly, where it is cheap, often the promotion takes a long time or no results at all (the executor tries to minimize his expenses and simply does too little or nothing). The other extreme – also should be alarming – too high prices are no less cause for concern.

Number of regular customers

This is a direct reflection of the extent to which an SEO company or a SEO freelancer is interested in long-term cooperation, works qualitatively in the medium and long term, take care of loyalty (in such a highly competitive market as search engine promotion, this is important).

Range of services

Today, search promotion is closely intertwined with a number of other popular services in the field of Internet marketing. Therefore, the plus of the artist is the presence in the state, for example, of a copywriter, layout designer, programmer, designer, web-analyst, etc.


In the service sector, the advice of acquaintances, friends, colleagues and just those people whom you trust is a very important trump card. But in the choice of performers of search engine promotion, we would recommend that you narrow down the number of people who should be listened to. A good advice is a recommendation from a person who is slightly versed in SEO (he ordered services for his own site). Ottawa SEO

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